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The Stockton Group is a global company that develops, supports, and distributes high quality crop protection products and innovative eco-friendly solutions worldwide. The Group currently maintains a local presence in more than 35 countries, holding more than 320 product registrations of branded herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Among its products, the Stockton Group distributes its own proprietary line of bio pesticides, which it developed in its R&D center in Israel.

Pursuing Excellence, Globally and Locally

The Stockton Group maintains a local presence in more than 35 countries worldwide through a unique and highly integrated network of Stockton subsidiaries and representatives dedicated to delivering Stockton’s know-how – a master combination of constant development, product excellence, application expertise, and a continuous, fully reliable customer support.

Stockton’s continuous commitment product performance, customer satisfaction, environmental safety, technical leadership and product innovation, has maintained its pursuit of excellence. Stockton’s professional talented team brings with them deep knowledge of the agricultural world and the farmer’s needs. In fact, they are committed to a part of the continuous improvement that drives Stockton’s philosophy and it’s positioning as an outstanding global leader that is dedicated to creating value, revenue and high return on investment for growers.

A Leader in Sustainable Innovation

The commitment of Stockton’s core capabilities to integrate innovation and sustainability to new sustainable solutions are valuable to the agricultural world and environmental conservation. As leaders in the advanced agriculture arena, Stockton is highly aware of its responsibility to preserve our planet for future generations.

The Stockton Group places substantial emphasis on a core philosophy of developing a greener, cleaner, and healthier agricultural environment. The Stockton Group’s R&D Center in Israel is positioned at the forefront of biosciences development and innovation producing highly effective crop protection solutions that are eco-friendly, safe, residue-free, and non-staining.


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