First hybrid foliar fungicide in the market


REGEV™ is the first product of its kind in the market, a hybrid patented solution that delivers an effective long-lasting plant disease protection.

REGEV™ significantly reduces chemical residue on produce and lessens its harmful effects on the environment, farmers and consumers. This breakthrough hybrid formulation creates a bridge to future fungicides, enabling farmers to meet the demand for sustainable food protection.


REGEV™ enables growers to protect plants from a wide range of plant diseases, including but not limited to: Powdery Mildews, Early Blight, Apple Scab, Alternaria, Cercospora and Cladosporium diseases in various fruit and vegetables, peanuts, coffee, rice, soybeans, cocoa, palm oil, ornamentals and others.

When comparing the performance of this hybrid fungicide to conventional fungicide application programs, REGEV™ shows proven efficacy against various pathogens across several countries with different climatic conditions.


  • Double mode of action, single residue
  • Synergistic effect
  • Two distinct FRAC-codes (Group F7 and G1)
  • Controls a broad spectrum of fungal pathogens

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  • Fast-acting and long-lasting disease protection
  • An effective Resistance Management Tool
  • Short PHI (Pre Harvest Interval) limitations
  • Lower MRL impact

Always read and follow label instructions!


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