Corporate Responsibility

For the society and for the environment

Stockton Israel is proudly certified by the For Life – Social Responsibility Certification Programme from IMO Swiss AG. We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical manner, creating in this way, value for all of our stakeholders: customers, partners, employees and shareholders, the communities where we are working and the global community at large. Stockton’s employees and representatives have adopted the Corporate Social Responsibility into their daily work activities. This means:

  •  Conduct business in a social, responsible, economic, environmental and ethical manner
  •  Respect and support the communities and cultures worldwide
  •  Protect the health & safety of our employees
  •  Respect the environment
  •  Support human rights
  •  Fulfill local labor standards and working conditions
  •  Environmental management

Stockton is proudly certified by the Control Union – Social and Fair Trade Standard (“CU Fair Choice”). We believe that the Fair Trade continues to be an important component of Stockton’s sustainable crop protection. At Stockton, we strive to meet the demands of improving yields without compromising the environmental integrity for a greener world for the future generations, while ensuring safe working conditions. We provide the farmers new sustainable solutions so they can safely produce more healthy and high quality food.



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