STK and Lidorr paving the way for new biological pipeline production



October 2017

STK (Stockton), a leading company in the development and marketing of botanical based solutions for food protection and Lidorr Chemicals Ltd. an agent for most prominent international companies dealing with a wide range of raw materials and technologies, has built a new biological manufacturing unit at Liad Agro facility at Jerusalem area in Israel for the production of STK’s new products.

This manufacturing unit was designed to provide STK with the necessary capacity to advance its growing pipeline of biopesticides, hybrids and other biocontrol formulations for sustainable agriculture and aquaculture inputs to help growers improve their yield.

“We’re excited with this state-of-the-art machinery and technology that will provide STK additional capacity and flexibility to efficiently manufacture our new products, explained Guy Elitzur, CEO of STK.  Having a dedicated manufacturing unit for STK will be a tremendous asset to help grow the company, both in terms of cost effectiveness and quality assurance of our existing and new products, from development to commercialization.”

STK and Lidorr maintain a strategic contract formulation partnership for many years, overseeing the development of the production of STK’s flagship biofungicide, Timorex Gold. Now with this high-tech machinery, will assure quality and capacity during production as STK advances broad pipeline of highly effective natural pest management products.

“We congratulate STK for their outstanding progress providing great innovative Botanical solutions for crop protection, said Ami Lidor, Managing Director of Lidorr Chemicals Ltd. We feel privileged to be a partner of excellence to Stockton’s endeavor.”

STK, who is also pursuing acquisitions, and product development partnerships in North America, Latin America, Asia and Western Europe in the biocontrol arena, will continue a steadfast progress on the development of bio-control formulations that prevents and/or control devastating diseases in crops.


About Lidorr Chemicals Ltd.

The Lidorr Group is a privately owned concern, established in Israel in 1970, is a representative and agent for most prominent international companies dealing with industrial marketing for a wide range of raw materials and technologies. Lidorr offers its international and local partners the services of a highly qualified professional staff with extensive experience in providing state-of-the-art-product range, outstanding technology solutions and excellent business support.

Liad Agro Ltd.
Liad Agro Ltd. member of the Lidorr Group provide outstanding solutions for the production and logistics infrastructure of formulation and packing of products for crop protection, animal health products, water treatment supplements and others.
Logistics center for the entire group of Lidorr companies.


About STK

STK creates breakthrough botanical-based solutions that effectively protect agricultural and aquacultural produce. Our bio-ag food protection solutions, a synergy of cutting-edge scientific research and technology, enhance the efficacy, safety, yield and quality of multiple crops.

STK helps growers, food companies and supermarket chains to deliver healthier and safer food products to market. Our botanical-based and hybrid solutions are easily integrated into conventional spraying programs, helping to realize the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) agenda and enabling everyone in the food production ecosystem to adhere to MRL (maximum residue levels) regulatory standards.

With operations and licensed product registrations in 30 countries, STK is an enabler in the global sustainable agriculture movement, offering a transformative solution for solving 21st century food protection challenges.

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