STK Aquamor Technologies develops sustainable solutions for the aquaculture’s industry challenges focusing on vaccination, transportation and stress reduction

June 2016

STK Aquamor Technologies, the Veterinary Unit of the Stockton Group (STK),, develops and commercializes botanical based products for the rapidly growing aquaculture industry. As the global population continues to grow to 9 billion by 2050, farm fish will be critical to supplying the world’s proteinneeds, STK Aquamor Technologies provides innovative sustainable solutions to the challenges fish farmers face today in vaccination, transportation and stress reduction.

The global per capita fish consumption has almost doubled from the 1960s. Nearly half of the seafood destined for human consumption is produced today through fish farming, also known as aquaculture. Farmed fish are crowded together in net pens or cages anchored to the sea floor in the ocean near the coast. Unfortunately, these fish are exposed to high tense stress, which can foster disease and parasites.

Farm fish for culture operations, public aquariums, aquatic researchers etc. often have the need to transport live fish. These fish are frequently transported in live-haul boxes by ground transportation. Survival rates and the arrival of healthy fish are dependent on the transport and on the pre-handling and post-handling procedures associated with fish-hauling operations. Poor conditions during transport, can induce large stress responses from which the fish will take a long time to recover. The overcrowding and inadequate water quality can cause irreparable damage to the fish and even cause death.

“There are all sorts of activities involved when transporting the fish which may affect its health, such as handling, water quality and of course, the stress due to the psychological changes”, explained Guy Elitzur, CEO of Stockton Group. “We understand the negative impacts that some fish products may bring; therefore, we make sure our products will not harm the fish, humans and the environment. It addresses the seafood regulations, as well as safe for fish consumption.”

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STK Aquamor Technologies led by Dr. Shlomo Pleban, develops products which reduce mortality in fish, shrimp and other aquatic organisms. The products are based on innovative formulations of organic compounds extracted from plants, which have been extensively tested and proven in clinical and field tests. STK Supreme is used for the treatment and prevention of bacteria and parasitic and fungal diseases in fish and shrimp. STK Ocean is a product for safe transportation of fish and shrimp. It replaces a combination of three products, and prevents shipping errors.



About Us

STK Aquamor, the Veterinary Unit of the Stockton Group (STK), develops and commercializes a number of products based on its proprietary, patented intellectual properties for the growing aquaculture industry. STK Aquamor provides cost-effective solutions to reduce mortality of fish, shrimp and other aquatic organisms.

STK Stockton currently operates in more than 25 countries worldwide. STK Stockton’s Research and Development Innovation Center is devoted to catering to the complex challenges facing modern sustainable aquaculture, and to meet today’s global food consumer markets’ demands.

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