Guy Elitzur CEO of STK to Speak at the Chemical Industry Regulations Conference

July 2017

Guy Elitzur, CEO of STK Stockton will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Chemical Industry Regulations Conference this coming September 5 – 7, 2017 in Nice, France.  His presentation, “The 4th ‘P’ of Sustainable Agriculture”, will kick off the Biopesticides Session on September 6.

The ‘3 ‘P’s’ for achieving sustainable agriculture are known as “People, Prosperity and Planet” … but Mr. Elitzur will introduce the 4th P … ‘Perpetuity’ … the need for ‘perpetual production of food’ in our sustainable agriculture programs. The need for continuity in the food chain is a must, and moving from a toxic pesticides system to   a healthier, zero residues, biological-based system is a process that requires some bridging solutions

STK practices the 4th ‘P’ by launching its first ever hybrid product REGEV, which combines plant extract biologic formulation with chemical pesticides to create a highly effective pre-mixed product, thus reducing chemical residues and managing resistance, while at the same time, eliminating the need for mixing or rotating.

The hybrid technology allows more farmers to adopt biological solutions and integrate these into their spraying programs. This breakthrough product by STK represents a bridge between the current chemical programs into a future, where healthier fully-biological programs will be implemented. The hybrids will also introduce biological food protection formulations to row crop growers who are currently less exposed to these products. The new hybrids will be integrated into spraying programs where biologics are currently not in use. In this manner, hybrids will assist in the continuity of food production, while helping growers to evolve toward healthier and safer solutions.

Within the past year, STK has expanded its geographic rollouts of its Timorex Gold plant extract-based biofungicide into the USA, China, New Zealand and Brazil.

In anticipation of his upcoming presentation Mr.Elitzur commented, “I look forward to presenting the “4th P’ of Sustainable Agriculture” and meeting potential new partners at the upcoming Conference in Nice.”


About Us

STK creates breakthrough biologic formulations from plant extracts that effectively protect agricultural and aquafarming harvests and significantly reduce their exposure to chemicals.

STK applies cutting-edge science and technology to commercialize the naturally-occurring, disease-resistant qualities in a variety of plants. Our bio-ag food protection solutions enhance the safety, yield and quality of multiple crops.

With operations in 35 countries and unique licensed product registrations for its nature-sourced bio innovations, STK is an enabler in the global sustainable agriculture movement, offering a transformative solution for 21st century food protection challenges.


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