STK (Stockton) takes first step into the European Market

STK’s Timorex Gold® now registered in Spain


July 2017

STK (Stockton), a leading company in the development and marketing of botanical based solutions for food protection, announced that its biologic fungicide Timorex Gold® obtained registration from the Spanish Pest Management Regulatory Agency for the control of powdery mildew on cucumber and zucchini in the greenhouse.
Timorex Gold® is listed by IMO / ECOCERT / BCS and other best-known certifiers for organic produce and products.Timorex Gold®, a two time winner of the AGROW Awards, meets the demand of modern agriculture without compromising environmental integrity so that the farmer can safely produce sustainable, healthy, high quality food. The biologic food protection formulation provides growers with more targeted and effective disease management options, reducing stressful conditions that occur during the various stages of infectious diseases.
“Spain’s approval is an important milestone for Timorex Gold®. This is a significant confirmation of our product’s platform,” explains Guy Elitzur, CEO of STK. “It paves the way for the introduction of our expanding biologic portfolio into the Spanish market and strengthens our position as an enabler in sustainable agriculture, from field to fork “The Spanish market is extremely important for us and we anticipate a great commercial future for our product in this significant market.”

Timorex Gold® is a broad-spectrum fungicide with a preventive and curative mode of action, making it an excellent component in disease control programs. It can be used in rotation with other fungicides or as a tank mix partner, compatible with most commonly used fungicides. When sprayed on the plant, it activates the plant’s natural defenses. This natural fungicide stimulates the plants’ growth, strengthens photosynthetic capacity and reduces stress chemical load and negative environmental impacts.

“We are happy to offer Spanish growers a sustainable food protection solution that improves productivity and efficiency of the crop, while lowering chemical loads and residues in food production. Timorex Gold® is equivalent to chemical fungicides, suitable to be used in conventional and/or organic agriculture” said Elitzur.

Timorex Gold® is a registered trademark of STK and is sold in over 30 countries, and now it is expected to be launched soon in Spain.


About STK

STK creates breakthrough biologic formulations from plant extracts that effectively protect agricultural and aquafarming harvests and significantly reduce their exposure to chemicals.

STK applies cutting-edge science and technology to commercialize the naturally-occurring, disease-resistant qualities in a variety of plants. Our bio-agro food protection solutions enhance the safety, yield and quality of multiple crops.

With operations in 35 countries and licensed product registrations for its nature-sourced bio innovations, STK is an enabler in the global sustainable agriculture movement, offering a transformative solution for 21st century food protection challenges.


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