Stockton and IQC registration transfer agreement in Eastern Europe


June 2017

Stockton STK, a leading company in development and marketing of botanical based solutions for crop protection and IQC, a company specialized in the production and marketing of agrochemicals, have reached an agreement to transfer 90 product registrations in Eastern Europe from Stockton to IQC. This announcement is part of the overall strategic direction of Stockton to focus on biological solutions.

Stockton has agreed to sell part of its generic registrations and distribution rights in the following Eastern European countries:  Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Belarus, to IQC.

“We are closing the ties with agrochemicals as part of the new strategic direction of the company, transitioning from generic conventional to biotechnology and hybrid crop protection products”, explained Guy Elitzur, CEO of Stockton.

“For IQC, this step represents a great opportunity to expand our sales and services to new customers providing products exported from Mexico to new geographical areas” explained Juan Manuel Ramirez CEO of IQC.


About ICQ

IQC is one of the leading Mexican Agrochemical Industries  , was founded 45 years ago , active and selling in Mexico and over 12 countries worldwide.

In the past IQC was focused on Copper products, until it became a wide range producer and supplier in the Agrochemical market.

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About  Stockton STK

Stockton STK is a leading biotechnology company, specializing in the development and marketing of botanical-based solutions. Stockton’s core focus is on incorporating biological solutions into integrated agriculture to create a balanced, cleaner and sustainable agricultural environment.

Stockton STK is a global company established in 1994 active and selling in over 30 countries worldwide. Stockton has a unique R&D Center based in Israel, investing substantial resources for the development of future natural products for crop protection. Stockton has a variety of products adapted to different agro ecological areas, biological parameters and regulatory guidelines.

Stockton’s flagship, awards winning product Timorex Gold® is used to protect and control a broad spectrum of diseases in diverse crops. The product demonstrates an efficacy equivalent to chemical fungicides and is suitable to be used organic agriculture as well as conventional. Timorex Gold® is registered and sold in over 30 countries.

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