Stockton enters into a long-term distribution agreement with Chongqing Shurong Crop Science Ltd. for Timorex Gold in China



February 2017

Stockton STK specializes in the development and marketing of botanical based pesticides, have signed a long-term non-exclusive distribution agreement of Timorex Gold® biofungicide with Chongqing Shurong Crop Science Ltd. in the field of professional crop protection uses in edible crops in China.

Under the terms of the non-exclusive agreement, it allows Timorex Gold® to expand its domestic reach by utilizing Chongqing Shurong Crop Science Ltd. expert representatives, sales and marketing channels. Timorex Gold® will be manufactured and supplied by Stockton and marketed and distributed in Chinanon – exclusively by Chongqing Shurong.


Timorex Gold® has proven prophylactic and curative efficacy against a broad spectrum of diseases in a wide range of crops and is suitable to be used in conventional and organic agriculture and can be applied year-round without inducing fungi resistance. Its components provide multiple action mechanisms against fungal and bacterial crop diseases, offering effective and sustainable control. Timorex Gold® is certified by leading organic associations worldwide or use in organic agriculture.

“We project a big future in this market as Asia is emerging as a key player in plant biotechnology,” said Guy Elitzur, CEO of Stockton. “We are pleased to enter this collaboration with Chongqing Shurong Crop Science Ltd., as we believe they demonstrate expertise in the crop protection arena and their strategic focus should enable Timorex Gold its full potential in China.”



Chongqing Shurong Crop Science Ltd. is located at beautiful mountain city-Chongqing, is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating research, production and sales. It passed the certification of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System in 2009. In 2016, Chongqing Shurong ranked No. 68 in China’s Top 100 Pesticide Sales Enterprises,and ranked No. 9 in China’s Top 50 Pesticide Preparation Sales Enterprises.  The company has established a high-quality and efficient sales team with international vision, and the sales network covers all over China.


About the Stockton STK

Stockton STK specializes in the development and marketing of botanical-based biopesticides. Its core focus is on the incorporation of these biopesticides into integrated agriculture spraying programs that use conventional chemical products, thus creating a balanced, cleaner and sustainable agricultural environment.

Stockton is a global company established in 1994 and has an active R&D Center for the development of future natural products for crop protection. Its unique research and development center in Israel invests substantial resources in developing ‘green’ products. Stockton has a variety of products adapted to different agro ecological areas, biological parameters and regulatory guidelines.

Stockton’s flagship product Timorex Gold® is used to control a broad spectrum of diseases in diverse crops. The product demonstrates an efficacy equivalent to chemical fungicides and is suitable to be used in conventional and organic agriculture. Timorex Gold® is registered and sold in over 30 countries.

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