Timorex Gold LogoTimorex Gold 24 EC Top Innovation Award for Biofungicide
Originally published by Horticulture Business Magazine
Publication date: 2011-03-18 12:23

Timorex Gold 24 EC, developed by STK Biomor, member of the Stockton Group, has been awarded by the Business Editors Horticulture Magazine as the new biological fungicide best innovations. This merit is given to the most innovative products in the gardening market. The top prize was awarded to Timorex Gold based on two measures: it’s very good efficacy was proven by numerous studies and organic certification.
Horticulture Business Magazine is a monthly publication directed to owners and employees of shops and garden centers. The publication reaches approximately 7,000 readers. The letter was drafted by a team of specialists familiar with the horticulture sector. This is the second edition of the award voted best innovations.
TG 24Timorex Gold 24 EC is based on a substance of natural origin – an extract from the tea tree,Melaleuca alternifolia. Its fungicidal and bactericidal effects work against pathogens at various stages of development. Timorex Gold can be used
for prevention and disease control.
Timorex Gold 24 EC is totally environmentally friendly. It is a natural fungicide biodegradable, not harmful to beneficial insects and bees, and safe for both human beings and the environment.
Timorex Gold is a good alternative to conventional pesticides. Its effectiveness is comparable to chemical preparations and greater than fungicides based on the grapefruit extract. The product has no residues and therefore no pre harvest interval.
Fight against the disease:
Numerous studies and practical application of Timorex Gold 24 EC has demonstrated a very high efficiency in fighting and reducing diseases such as:
•        Downy mildew
•        Powdery mildew
•        Potato blight
•        Gray mold
•        Cucumber – Recommended concentration: 0.3-1%
•        Tomato – Recommended concentration: 0.5-1%
•        Lettuce – Recommended concentration: 0.3-0.5%
Main advantages:
•        Safe for the environment
•        No residues of the active substance in the protected crop
•        Effective tool for resistance management
•        Harmless to beneficial insects and bees
•        No PHI
•        Does not leave stains on protected crops
•        Suitable for conventional agriculture and organic
•        Organic Certification (certificate in organic farming in Poland of 23-07-2010).