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Timorex Gold Informative 3D Movie Presented at ACORBAT2010

At the Acorbat Exhibition in Colombia last month, the Stockton Group screened a 6-minute 3D educational movie that presented the properties and benefits from using Timorex Gold®, a non-residue eco-friendly natural biofungicide for the control of Black Sigatoka.

Click here for the video

“ACORBAT is one of the largest global events whose main focus is the banana.  The Stockton Group’s booth this year featured a 3D educational movie that presented Timorex Gold, the new generation of biofungicide for banana growing countries,” said Peter Tirosh, President of the Stockton Group.  “We received many positive responses to the presentation, and companies like Del Monte Costa Rica came to congratulate us on the successful launch of the our new product.  Banana growing countries that have used our product have met with much success.  It should be noted that Timorex Gold is not a biofungicide meant for bananas only, but can also be used on vegetable crops, conventional and organic.  For example, tomato growers in Mexico use Timorex Gold for their crops, as well.” The plant extract Melaleuca Alternifolia, upon which Timorex Gold is based, was developed by STK Biomor, a member of the Stockton Group. Timorex Gold’s natural extracts have many unique effects on biofungal cells, resulting in successful fungicidal capabilities. Highly effective and sustainable control of black Sigatoka in bananas is achieved by Timorex Gold.Mr. Tirosh continued, “Timorex Gold achieves sustainable agriculture, and also enables banana growers to enjoy higher production quality and profitability. Further, we want to bring to the attention of agriculturalists that use of Timorex Gold results in yield increase and growth enhancement.  It is worthwhile noting that Timorex Gold is easy to use and gives a good return on investment.”